The Visual identity of the October Salon presented

The October Salon, one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary visual art in Serbia, starts on September 15, under the title THE MARVELLOUS CACOFONY. The authors of its visual identity, at the New Moment Agency, have worked on similar solutions for various cultural events in Serbia, such as Bemus, Fest, Bitef, etc. The visual identity of the Salon always corresponds to the concept and idea determined by the art directors or curators of the exhibition. The New Moment Agency has been present on the marketing scene in Serbia and the region (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia) for over 30 years. Thanks to the trust of local and international clients (Coca Cola, Nokia, P & G, Citibank, BAT, Sony, Ford…), it has won more than 100 awards given to creative agencies in the region and beyond (New York Festival, Art Directors Club of Europe, Epica, Golden Drum, Moscow Festival…).

The concept of this Salon was a challenging task for the authors of its visual identity. In co-operation with the curator, the visual identity was created with the aim neither to describe the concept nor to single out individual artists, but to present all the exhibitors equally, in the language of images. The result is a hybrid picture, composed of 72 segments of the artists’ portraits. The designers’ approach was to treat the image – visual identity as an innovative artwork that has its own story, an interaction with the audience, a multimedia character and the possibility to be displayed through all channels of communication.

Starting from the fact that we are living in the digital era, this solution also indicates the possibility of transforming a traditional media poster into the language of new technologies – interactive display, animation, application, etc. The Salon’s visual identity, present in all public spaces, from public transport to the city tissue, and in all forms of media space, addresses the widest audience with the intention to draw their attention and announce the event, in advance, in the spirit of time and in accordance with their needs and habits, and in tune with the concept of the exhibition.