The video-works Flying Squirrels and Planet of Sexes were screened at the 53rd October Salon, Good Life.

A young squirrel who loves rock and roll, American cars and skateboards does not want to continue the long-lasting family tradition of dressing in a flying squirrel to protect its forest. In terms of the narrative and rhythm, this is Kasitonni’s most traditional story, which hammers its message into the viewer’s brain with unstoppable force. There is some special equipment in this film, and musical interludes, and animation, and real cars, and changing perspectives. The film Flying Squirrels could easily be interpreted as an autobiographical story of a descendant of an entrepreneurial family who has become an artist.

Anssi Kasitonni, exhibition catalogue of 53rd October Salon

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Photo: still from the video work


Anssi Kasitonni (1978, Sahalahti, Finland) is a skateboarder and an award-winning artist from Finland. He makes films, drawings, sculptures and music. He mainly deals with eternal topics, such as morality, love, death, generation gap, sex and, of course, submarines. The ideas are epic and the films are simple. They create their own world that always tells us a lot about ours. He won the Ars Fennica Award in 2011. He does not consider all his works to be masterpieces, but sometimes they are. More information at