34 Perspectives on Contemporaneity
oil on canvas
210 cm x 160 cm

Flexi legs
oil on canvas
205 cm x 170 cm

Endy Hupperich’s paintings 34 Perspectives on Contemporaneity and Flexi Legs (which, along with the paintings Food for Little and The World of Magic, were exhibited at the 54th October Salon) ironically reflect everyday life and digital social space, containing an uncontrolled flow of images and other visual content.

Hupperich’s paintings resemble diary notes in which he daily writes down, scribbles and crosses out events and observations from his life and his imagination, creating a specific visual handwriting and repertoire. What at first glance looks like pop art or a form of postmodern citation is more a painted theory of the medium – painting, as a symbolic and chaotic mirror of the world and space that the paintings encompass, whether physical or virtual.

His artistic approach starts from artificial realism and random abstraction, his works try to show the symbiosis existing between paintings and everyday visual contexts they face as they emerge.

By translating an image from the digital to the tactile analogue space of a framed canvas, Hupperich does not refer to the technical innovation brought by digital image production, but – on the contrary – insists on the logic of production of images as spaces that are being filled with meaning and, at the same time, manipulate meanings in a way that confronts the expectations and habits we have of painting as a historically grounded discipline.

© Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the October Salon Collection and the artist
Gift Contract: III-5-298/29.9.2014.
Inventory No. 049, 050
Photo: Milan Kralj, installation view 54th October Salon, Ana Kostić

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Endy Hupperich (1967, Kaufbeuren, Germany) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Professor Helmut Sturm. He lives and works between Munich and Mexico City, where he worked as a visiting professor at the Mexico City Academy of Fine Arts. He has exhibited mainly in Germany and Mexico. Since 2008 he has been an assistant lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. His paintings reflect the knowledge of the contemporary visual culture and ideology in an ironic way.