Type 15
digital print
59 cm x 47 cm

The starting point for Carla Mattii’s work Type 15 is always real flowers, which she breaks into pieces and composes again, relying on purely aesthetic principles, and then photographs them. The work is part of the cycle presented at the Crypto-game Exhibition (2009) at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, consisting of photographs, sculptures and installations – a pseudoscientific photographic project of plants growing from other plant’s roots. In these works, Carla Mattii invented new hybrids by using an analogue cut & paste procedure.

She participated in the 48th October Salon and won the Cultural Centre of Belgrade’s Award.

Carla Mattii’s works create a vivid, transformed world of nature, dominated by flowers. She redevelops forms of living and pulsating nature to create a new botanical typology. The combination of petals, pistils and flower crowns, originating from different species, provide specimens for a new modern herbarium – a reaction to aesthetic expectations that come from nature and are transformed. However, these are not flowers that can be found in nature, but a product of the human mind and careful research based on composing of different shapes. There is no corresponding equivalent for them in reality; these unreal flowers in a new kind of botany are derived in a transgenetic way in synthesis with laboratory techniques.

© Cultural Centre of Belgrade, October Salon Collection and the artist
Gift Contract:
Inventory No. 213
Photo: Cultural Centre of Belgrade

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Carla Mattii (1971, Fermo, Italy) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, lives and works in Milan and Montegiorgio, Italy. She has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and around the world, and participated in international biennial exhibitions, collaborating with renowned curators, such as Achille Bonito Oliva or Lorand Hegyi. She won the Cultural Centre of Belgrade’s Award at the 48th October Salon: Micro-Narratives in 2007 for her pseudo-scientific photographic project of plants that grow from other plant’s roots.