Parting, Dedicated to RM
HD video
7’ 31”, loop

The work was exhibited at the 56th October Salon, The Pleasure of Love.

Parting, Dedicated to RM shows a group of four people in a landscape around the Rhine in Basel (Switzerland), where RM lived the second part of his life and died in the autumn of 2014. Different segments of the work suggest a series of interconnections in the relationships among these four persons, as well as a ritual related to one of them and the act of his departure.

The scenes were shot from five static camera positions. They are repeated several times during the video, emptied or with small differences in activities of the persons.

Cast: Jörg Besser, Heidi Feldmann, Bernhard Gilgen, Linnéa Schwarz

© Cultural Centre of Belgrade, October Salon Collection and the artist
Gift Contract III-5-86/7.4.2017.
Inventory No. 106
Photo: still from the video work


Anuk Jovović (Miladinović) (1984, Brussels, Belgium) lives and works in Munich and Basel. She completed her undergraduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Munich (2005-2012). In her video works, she often explores the relationship between human beings and their environment, creating abstract narratives in which there is no hierarchy between the characters and the scenography. She has won numerous awards, including the Vkunst Media Award in Frankfurt, the Baustelle Schaustelle Art Award in Essen, the Bavarian Government Debut Award, the Project Award given by the Irwin and Gisele von Steiner Foundation, etc. More information at