Re-Passage is a video performance whose final result is achieved by computer editing. We pushed a bicycle backwards from point B to point A and filmed the action. It was a story about connecting Branko’s Bridge and the Geodetic Institute; encounters with pedestrians, interactions and micro-stories. There was also the absurd idea that, by repeating a procedure, one can go back in time…). Pushing a bike and walking backwards is a confusing, psycho-mechanically uncomfortable action, and maybe similar to the feeling of having to move in a wheelchair.
From the catalogue of the 53rd October Salon

The video works Quartz, Hats and Re-Passage were exhibited at the 53rd October Salon, as some of numerous site-specific works realized in Belgrade and/or the building of the former Geozavod in Savamala.

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Photo: still from the video work

Selected Bibliography:
53rd October Salon, Good Life: Physical Narratives and Spatial Imaginations. Cultural Centre of Belgrade, 2012


The XYZ Group consists of two visual artists – Milan Tittel (1966, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia), graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and Design (Sculpture Department) in Bratislava, and Matej Gavula (1972, Litomyšl, Czechoslovakia), graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and Design (Glass Department) in Bratislava. They live and work in Bratislava, Slovakia. The XYZ Group was formed in 1997, and its name takes on the meaning of the last three letters of the alphabet. They are focused on contextual research in the medium of sculpture. Their work is described as oscillating between stability and instability, between monuments and miniatures, in maintaining resonances between moments captured on digital records and the objective presence of plastic materials. Since 1998, as an art duo, they have presented their work at numerous festivals and solo and group exhibitions throughout Slovakia and Europe. They participated in the 53rd October Salon in 2012.