In the Kitchen
screen print
67 cm x 67 cm

The work In the Kitchen belongs to the Empty Time Series, first exhibited at the 50th October Salon in 2009. The images in this series show segments of everyday leisure activities. The relationship between man and the passage of time is deliberated on, as well as man’s relation to the concept of leisure as a potential basis for a better quality of life. The series exhibited at the October Salon was done in the technique of oil on aluminium, while the work in the Collection was realized in the screen-printing technique.


The work In the Kitchen, as part of the Empty Time Series, is a segment of a desirable daily routine – the time spent preparing meals, the activity often performed mechanically and without joy. A moment of pleasure and happiness, the feeling of serenity and fulfilment are presented and they are noticeable in all the scenes in the series, through the refined drawing and vibrant colour accents. The constant dashing from one activity to another is the result of our superficial attitude towards leisure time. Paradoxically, a filled portion of time often seems to us to have been empty – when we look back at it. In the whirlwind of endless daily activities and commitments, the high-quality state of creative obsession rarely occurs. The feeling of presence and liveliness arises when there is no rush and empty time is spent in leisure or doing daily home activities.

© Cultural Centre of Belgrade, October Salon Collection and the artist
Gift Contract: III-5-290/1/25.9.2014.
Inventory No. 1353
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Selected Bibliography:
50th October Salon, Circumstance. Cultural Centre of Belgrade, 2009


Žolt Kovač (1975, Pančevo, Serbia). After graduating from the Mathematical Grammar School, he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Painting Department, from which he received his master’s degree in 2002 and a doctorate in 2016. From 2000 to 2002 he attended the School for History and Theory of Images at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Belgrade. His works have been presented at over 20 solo and a number of group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Russia, Macedonia). He works as a professor of vocational studies at the College of Vocational Studies – Belgrade Polytechnic; a co-founder and editor of the Supervizuelna on-line magazine for contemporary art (; engaged in graphic design and other creative activities. Lives in Belgrade. More information at