Long Live Work
installation – gouache on 16 old banknotes

It is 16 interventions on banknotes whose value expired in different periods and occasions in the past of Serbia. The artists illustrate the rapid changes and disturbances of the value system by intervening with the gouache technique on the then valid banknotes, which became worthless due to hyperinflation.

The value discrepancy is obvious in the relationship between the work to be paid and the figure on the banknotes – it cannot cover the value of the work.
Long Live Work subtly illustrates the period of the nineties, characterized by turbulent, radical social changes, as well as by examining the place and role of art in the community and given circumstances.

© Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the October Salon Collection and the artists
Purchase Contract: III-5-375/16.11.2016.
Inventory No. 1452
Photo: Milan Kralj

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Jelica Radovanović (1957, Dubrovnik, Croatia) and Dejan Anđelković (1958, Kraljevo, Serbia) have worked together as an art couple since 1991. They both graduated in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. They respond thoughtfully and convincingly to the social system and the position of the artist in it. In their approach to the engaged, politicized art, they are not satisfied by noticing current problems, but ask questions, problematize and interrelate them. Theoretically, their works rely on relational aesthetics – they reconstruct a complex set of questions that follow a certain epoch, and consider different answers to them. Consciously choosing the margin as the position from which they act, they exhibit only when they have something to say.